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Hello my name is Claire!!

I was born and raised in southeast Texas, in the small town of Port Neches. From an early age, I loved to write. Growing up, I wanted to be a journalist. Through my love for writing, I found my interest in public relations. There were some curve balls along the way. My first major was business, until I changed it to nutrition. It wasn't until I had a life changing experience, that I realized what I was meant to do.

The Dabbs Hotel is a boutique, historical hotel built in 1906. It's located in a very small town outside of Austin, named Llano. During my time there, I met people from all over the U.S. and from all walks of life. Most importantly, I got to practice running my own business. I learned how to create positive relationships with community leaders and media relations. I enjoyed curating monthly promotional events, such as music nights and community holiday parties. Finally, I was able to create and manage social media content to promote the hotel. One day I realized that all of the duties that came naturally to me working at the hotel, encompassed public relations. A year after working at the hotel, I changed my major.

After my time at The Dabbs Hotel, I finished my online studies at central texas college, and began my courses at Texas State. However, I decided to move to Austin, and commute to San Marcos. I love living in Austin. The people are laid back and accepting, and there's so much to do, especially outdoors. During my time here, I"ve been able to expand my hobbies and enjoy my life more. I"m not sure where my next journey will take me, but I'm excited to graduate in Dec. 2020 and pursue my dream career.

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